If you remember this, best hire a mover, your trucking days are behind you,

Back in the day you and your buddies would think nothing of moving your lava lamp and all your worldly goods on a weekend. At that time you mirrored the Bob Segers’ song playing in the back ground, you “felt like a million, felt like number one, in the height of summer you never felt so strong, Like a Rock”.

Moving was done in an afternoon, in-between a few pints and a lot of laughs. Well time keeps trucking on and although in your mind you are still living in the glory days, the old rock may be getting a little weathered.

Being in the moving business in Peterborough and Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario for over 30 years I am still amazed at the number of folks my age or older, wanting to move on their own. When I hear that they are thinking of moving themselves I always feel it’s time for an intervention. The reality is, back then, you hadn’t yet amassed the stuff you have now and your back, knees and shoulders are not in the same condition they were 20 or 30 plus years ago.

Today when you can finally afford a mover it is just not worth doing it on your own.

  • Reality check #1, go over and grab the end of the sofa and give it a controlled slow lift, using your legs, keeping your back straight and oh ya almost forgot be sure to drop it before you hear a pop. Now take a look around your home. The average weight of household goods in a 3 bedroom home weighs in the area of 8,000 to 10,000 lbs. Yes 4 or 5 tons. Your stuff weighs about the same as an African bull elephant. If your reading this Jane, tell Tarzan there is more to this than he may remember.
  • Reality check # 2, still want to eat that elephant, let’s break it down into bite size pieces. That weekend move you are thinking about doing equates into 100 squats using 100lbs to load the truck then you have to offload, so take that to 200 reps. Think about it , 200 dead lift reps using 100 lbs. (give that a go at the gym next Saturday just to get limbered up a little, pre move)
  • Reality checks #3 add a little cardio. Add in a 20 yard carry taking the goods out to the truck (if you can get the truck to the door), now double that to offload ( let’s round it down) to around 5000 plus yard carry, so call it 2 miles or 3.22 kilometers. Not over yet add, an incline; yes there is a walk board at the end or beginning of every trip. So again, to put it in perspective strap on a 50 lb. weight take a 2 mile walk going uphill and downhill every 15 yards . How are the old knees these days?
  • Reality check #4 Can you drive the truck? If not, is a day with your brother in law or old buddy telling you how to lift things really worth it? (The guy driving the truck instantly graduates to resident expert). On top of him you will owe everyone that helps or that just shows up and drinks your beer and eats your pizza, big time and for a long time. Besides what impression do you make with your new neighbors when you roll up to your new digs looking like the Beverly Hillbillies?

There is a time in your life when moving yourself was just fine and then there is now. When selling your home and right sizing I would suggest you do a reality check, get some moving estimates in advance and budget that service into the selling or buying cost.

If looking for movers in the Kitchener Waterloo or Peterborough area, contact McWilliams today for an estimate.

Keep on trucking but get someone else to do the heavy lifting, it is well worth it.


A Quest for Common Sense

A refrigerated truck was hauling an extremely deadly virus strain mutated from the Filoviridae family of viruses. It was on route to a lab in California with a full police ground and air escort. The driver was detoured to an auxiliary route due to a traffic jam and the serious time restraints on the shipment.

Unbeknownst to the tracking team, construction had recently been started on an overpass. The truck slammed into the top off the structure , the driver was rendered unconscious and the truck was firmly wedged in the entrance of the overpass.

The refrigerated unit was damaged and the time to get the virus delivered was critical, as the refrigeration was keeping the virus stable and heat would release a potential epidemic. The truck was firmly wedged, a replacement driver could not budge the truck forward or back and towing was not an option; helicopters could not land due to the terrain. The consultants on the job where scrambling for trained laboratory crews, to hand- carry the goods out of the truck but the traffic pileup and embankment made access very difficult. Work crews had been sent to remove the overpass structure but that would take days or weeks. The situation was on high red alert and the world heath association was suggesting initiating evacuation orders for the entire city of Los Angeles.

When all seemed lost, a Mover who was stuck in traffic just down the road sauntered up to the accident. He looked it over and excused himself to the chief engineer. What do you want the engineer snapped, can’t you see we have a crisis on our hands; I have no time to talk to a Mover.

The old Mover stood back and thought for a few seconds. Seems very complicated the Mover explained but I was just wondering if you have tried letting the air out of the tires? Crises avoided with a common sense solution.

I have been in the Moving business for over 30 years and have seen it morph into one of the most complicated services imaginable. I have sat through learning session given by major consulting firms on relocation. Twisting and turning through a maze of possible scenarios supported by a plethora of graphs and bar charts. All very slick but always very complicated.

Although everyone has the best of intentions, consultants are paid by the hour and a consultative sales process encourages complicated scenarios, in order to provide a more valuable solution. I have heard this process referred to as a “consulting orbit”. Circling the same situation introducing more and more possible complications, all fueled by either billable hours or a solution based sale. Some managers see it coming and steer clear of it and others get caught up in the gravitational pull. They are unable to stand back and take an objective or common sense look at the situation.

With more and more companies moving back to a simple Lump Sum relocation program, a retro service that was the norm 30 years ago, the common sense question to ask yourself is do you need a multinational relocation management team, with dozens of handoffs and added administration costs, to move a renter 200 miles?

Common sense tells me all you need is a basic moving policy, a good mover and a simple direct move management process. I may be missing something but moving, (something cavemen did by the way), has turned into rocket science and that rocket is spinning around a “consulting orbit”.

If you want uncomplicated solution for your Lump Sum moves, A “real” solution to the capacity issues in the moving industry, clear communication with decision makers, all capped with the best value for both the company and the transferee, common sense would suggest working directly with a Mover.

Stand back and think about it for a moment.  

Making the Right Move

The moving industry can be confusing being an intangible service, many people assume that all movers are the same and that price is the deciding factor. What is using the right mover really worth?

What is it worth to have the truck show up at the exact hour promised?

The number one concern in the entire industry is trucks showing up late or sometimes not at all. When all of your travel plans and real-estate transactions hinge on the truck showing up on time, McWilliams has a to-the-hour policy. When we say we are going to be there we are there.

What is it worth to have your worldly belongings traveling on a safe truck?

When tires are flying off trucks on major highways safety is a major concern. McWilliams is the only moving company that has been awarded an excellent safety ranking CVOR by the ministry of transportation. With our own in-house safety and compliance officer and full service garage McWilliams equipment is some of the best on the road. McWilliams also introduced the “don’t text and drive” campaign, which has been recognized in several industry magazines and articles in both Canada and the US.

What is it worth to have your goods delivered promptly either on or ahead of schedule?

When you use McWilliams for long distance moves, we consistently deliver under the industries transit time guide, eliminating hotel and meal costs that add up to hundreds of dollars a day.

What is it worth to have your goods arrive safe and in the same condition as they left?

McWilliams has one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry ranked by Insurance companies as one of the safest household goods movers in North America

What is it worth to have a single point of contact and move management services?

We have one professional work with you through your entire move from our professional company drivers to our move managers; we manage every aspect of our service.

What is it worth to work with the most innovative mover in the industry?

From our simplified pricing, on time invoicing, Mobile smart phone App Move in hand, Do it yourself relocation market place www.themovingmall.com, right sizing home organizing service and our do- it- yourself, video survey service McWilliams is constantly improving and innovating our industry. You are getting the very best most innovative services in the entire industry.

What is it worth to start off the next chapter of your life with the positive affirmation that you made the Right Move? That question can only be answered by you.

McWilliams launches its Don’t Text & Drive awareness campaign

“Safety is our number one priority,” says Dan McWilliams. “We spend a lot of time and money on safety; from training, to our equipment and its maintenance, which is all positively reflected in our (CVOR) ranking with the Ministry of Transportation.”

Larry Morgan, McWilliams’ Safety and Compliance Officer, says “texting and driving is a very serious safety issue on the highway. With our trucks moving all over Canada and the USA, we want to use them as a rolling billboard to make other drivers aware of the dangers of this distraction.”

The safest move you can make, Don’t text & drive.

How to Kill a Zombie Contract

A Zombie Contract is a contract that never dies. It is not current, brings little value, is not actively managed or measured but just continues to live on inside your organization. I find many Zombie contracts are grandfathered into a department and just wander around the halls looking for new brains to drain. Everyone hates the service and never hears from the supplier, but they have no idea how to kill the thing because it has always been stumbling around. Many folks managing the program find themselves in a temporary carrier placement and don’t want to rock the boat, so they just leave the thing fester around for the next poor soul. More…

Please check your guns at the door

With an estimated 310 million “reported” firearms in the US chances are your cross border transferee is packing more than dishes. There are some very serious rules and regulations about importing weapons into Canada. Failure to follow the regulations can lead to confiscated items, fines and even jail time. SO listen and listen good, pilgrim. More…

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