Moving Supplies in Peterborough & Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario

McWilliams Moving can supply you with virtually any item you may need to make your move easier. Whether moving yourself or with our firm, our large variety of standard moving supplies will facilitate the easier transfer of your valuables.

(In Inches)
Suggested Uses
2 cu ft carton18 x 15 x 12.5Small carton for heavy items such as books and canned kitchen goods.
4 cu ft carton18 x 18 x 21Useful for toys, light bulky items, small lamp shades and lamps or pots and pans.
5 cu ft carton18 x 18 x 27Holds large bulky items such as pillows, blankets, sheets, lampshades or toys.
Lampshade Carton22 x 22 x 18
China Carton (Barrel)18 x 18 x 30Heavy duty carton can hold complete dinner set for 12 - also useful for crystal, glassware and fragile items.
Small Mirror Carton(37 x 3.5) TelescopicSeveral sizes of telescoping cartons to fit most pictures, mirrors or glass.
Large Mirror Carton42 x 4 x 36Several sizes of telescoping cartons to fit most pictures, mirrors or glass.
Wardrobe24 x 24 x 50A "portable closet" which keeps clothes hanging. Suitable for drapes as well.
Mattress BagsTwin, Double, Queen, KingWrapping mattresses. Can be used for sofa and other furniture - especially useful when storing.
Newsprint25 lb bundleWrapping dishes, china, breakables.... No Ink = No Mess
Bubble Wrap24" wide
48" wide
Wrapping dishes, china, breakables, pictures

Feel free to stop by our offices in Peterborough or Kitchener Waterloo to pick up whatever packing and moving supplies you might require!

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