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If you’re looking for storage solutions in Peterborough and Kitchener / Waterloo Ontario, then you are in the right place.

We offer palletized storage so that shipments are properly stored in separate storage vaults. Our pallets are the largest available so that our customer’s shipments occupy fewer vaults.

Each shipment is tagged, color-coded, inventoried and catalogued on its way into and out of the warehouse. A serial number is applied to each tagged item and that serial number is entered onto all paperwork for tracking purposes.

Furniture is re-wrapped in felt storage blankets inside of the storage vaults.

Upholstered goods are wrapped in a protective plastic wrap and stored in separate sofa racks.

“Bingo sheets” are used to indicate which items from the numbered inventory are in which pallets so that items can be accessed, if the need arises, without our having to open all of the storage vaults for a particular shipment. Access and sorting services do, however, involve additional costs.

We employ experienced Warehouse Managers who are in charge of managing the handling, placement and paperwork of each shipment as it moves into and out of our warehouses.

Records Storage McWilliams Record Storage System is a convenient, space saving, cost reducing method of storing records which for legal or historical reasons, cannot be eliminated. Our system offers an indexing, retrieval, and delivery service that provides for the rapid recall of information as the need arises. This procedure is faster and more efficient than if the material were stored on your own premises.

Throughout the past decade the Provincial and Federal Governments, as well as, many large and small businesses, have been consolidating records in one central location in an effort to streamline their organizations. The centralization of records into retention facilities is the most cost efficient method of organizing your time and office space.

McWilliams offers a comprehensive service that is designed to suit individual needs. Without cost or obligation to you, we would like to have a representative meet with you and discuss you firm’s potential storage requirements. Following an on site visit, we can accurately provide you with a survey of the costs, a list of the services that will be performed, and any additional information that you may require about our organization.

Data Storage McWilliams Moving & Storage is a professional off-site data storage company that ensures the secure, safe and confidential storage of data whether it be stored on tape, CD ROM, DAT, DLT or any other media.

Disasters do occur! It could be an accident, a fire, sabotage or a flood. It could be a hardware crash or even a software crash that could result in a disaster! The hardware is covered by insurance and can be replaced, but…who is covering the data?

In situations of a disaster, IT departments often cannot get to their back-ups! We will collect your backups. safely store them and re-deliver them to your computer centre on a scheduled basis, following your rotation procedure exactly. In the case of a disaster, McWilliams guarantees a delivery time of 90 minutes from receiving the emergency request. This could be to your premises or to the disaster recovery site!

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